My parents are pressuring me to take a course my neighbor pursued and did really well. But I don’t have any interest in that. What should I do?

It's very considered normal issue, so most importantly comprehend your area of interest, presently make a proof of idea for your ideal course that your need to select for, for example, top organizations, course expense, Scope of work (package+Growth) likewise some top powerhouses who previously made their name in their separate field, Presently come to your neighbor's part then you want to cause your parent to comprehend that your neighbor did likewise, that is he likewise picks the course he was keen on and became capable and presently he is doing all around well. Each field has its own development regions, there is nothing similar to just either field is great for bringing in cash.


  1. Know your advantage
  2. Track down top foundations
  3. Scope of work (package+Growth)
  4. A few decent names who made enormous in their separate fields.